Construction Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is a kind of machine that to transfer the material continuously. The belt works under the effect of frictional force. It is not only the components to transfer the material, but also the components to transfer the force. The belt conveyor is advanced and simple in structure, easy to maintain. Its transfer capacity is high, transfer distance is long. They are widely used in mining, metallurgy and coal industry to transfer sandy or lump material, or packaged material. In many situation, it is a very important component of nonstandard machinery. The belt conveyors can be operated in the circumstance temperature range from -20℃ to +40℃. The temperature of transferred material by this belt conveyor should be lower than 50℃.

  • Features
  • Technical data

1. Checked daily drive motor and reducer whether the anomaly;
2. Daily check whether the belt loose, and the timely adjustment;
3. Conveyor belt monthly check whether drawl, and the timely adjustment;
4. Drum rotation monthly check whether flexible and timely repair;
5. Monthly inspections of the chain and sprocket drive anastomosis, timely adjustments and add to the chain lubricants;
6. Chuiqu monthly with an air gun control box dust to prevent failures;
7. Reducer used for the first time to be replaced after 100 hours cleaning internal gear oil, a new oil after every 2,500 hours to replace one; 8. Make a big annual maintenance, inspection accessories damage.

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