SICOMA Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer is a type of concrete mixer, which mainly consists of tank system, mixing system, driving system, seal lubricating system, discharge system and electrical system. The twin horizontal shafts rotate in high speed, produce convection, thus the mixing process of aggregate, water, cement and additive is finished. SICOMA  twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly used to mix powder and granular inertia materials. As one type of 2015 hot sale SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer, SICOMA twin shaft concrete mixer is widely used for mixing commercial concrete, premixed concrete, and precast concrete, etc. With much higher performance than other mixers, SICOMA  twin shaft concrete mixer is suitable for all large-and middle-sized concrete projects.

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1. Equipped with multi stages shaft seals or Air purged multi seals to enhance bearing life and effectively avoid slurry leakage.
2. Equipped with manual lubrication pump.
3. Unique monitoring system to monitor the running conditions of gearbox, hydraulic door opening and lubrication pump.
4. Watering curtain at top cover to ensure fast and thorough mixing.
5. Easy maintenance, spare parts at reasonable price, high ratio between the performance and the price.
6. Heavy duty design, stable operation. Capacity ranged from 0.75 cu.m. to 6.0 cu.m. 

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