The compulsory concrete mixer stir versatility

However, due to such concrete mixer stirring turned mouth inch concrete aggregate have a greater wear. Affect the quality of concrete, and inefficient, has gradually been replaced by compulsory mixer. Compulsory mixer truck drum is stationary and the rotating shaft of the inner drum by the number of the group are set to forced stirring blades, the stirring blades around the vertical axis or horizontal axis of rotation, the material is forcibly stirred until uniform mixing. 
Such intense agitation mixer, suitable for hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, flowing concrete can be stirred with a good quality mixing, stirring speed, high production efficiency, easy operation and safety, etc.; but the power consumption blades wear quickly, usually need to use high-strength alloy steel or other wear-resistant lining material to do more for centralized mixing station. 
Concrete mixer compulsory mixer is a versatile mixing machinery, suitable for high-quality concrete mixing operations, is currently the most affordable mixing machinery equipment. Compulsory mixer because of its light weight, high efficiency, good mixing quality, as well as simple structure, convenient operation and a series of characteristics have been rapidly expanded use.

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