Small concrete batching equipment characteristics and uses

Have seen a major role in our daily concrete batching machine is quantitative, accurate delivery a variety of materials, so long as the grain, bulk materials such as: sand, coal, food raw materials, slag, ceramic, etc. can delivery (but single every kind of material weight distribution preferably not less than 50Kg), so batching machine is also widely used: aerated concrete bricks, light panels and other building materials industries, coal mine gravel ingredients wall construction, chemicals configuration. 
Concrete batching equipment characteristics and uses: 
JZ series concrete batching machine is a reception and mixer automatic batching equipment supporting the use. It can be user-designed concrete mix auto-complete sand, stone, cement and other 3-6 kinds of materials (two with concrete) ingredients programs. 
The machine uses an electronic weighing, computer control, digital display, a wired remote control with accurate weighing, high batching precision, speed, control, and other advantages, easy to just click the button every time. 

Jz concrete batching machine
Hamac small concrete batching machine with the corresponding concrete mixer combinations, can be composed of a variety of different forms, combinations of different specifications of mixing station, while the same size mixing station cost only 1 / 2-1 / 3, and moves very easy to install , is the ideal spot to produce high quality concrete equipment

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