Debugging and operation of concrete batching plant

After completing the installment and the maintenance test, then separately gives various storage bins feeding, opens the discharge switch of feeding mouth between cement silo and the screw conveyer. Later, carries on the debugging.

1. Starting up

Carries on the starting operation based on the request of ingredient control meter instruction.

2. Setting Material value

Based on the request of ingredient control meter instruction, input setting value of granulated substance, gravel, cement. If some materials do not need to match, their setting value must be reset.

3. Revising drop value

In the process of dosing, when the bin material weight achieves its setting value, the material belt fastener will stop automatically. But part of materials from airborne still remains to fall into the bin. For this part of material s weight we will call it dropping variance.

In order to guarantee the accuracy, we must carry on the revision of the material dropping variance value and divide values revision differently according to the different control instrument and ingredients.

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