The aggregate system configuration of concrete batching plant

Want to make a concrete batching plant to improve efficiency, more stable to use at work, that usually we also need to understand the concrete batching plant maintenance and common sense often; to extend the life of the mixing station!

Then how can we the extended concrete batching plant life?

First, we deal with the maintenance and upkeep of the concrete batching plants and understanding where to start? How to operate? How lubrication batching plant parts?

The mixer shaft end seal in accordance with the provisions in every host starts or timing of fuel oil seal structure to ensure the long-term normal operation;

Extend the life of the concrete batching plant system?

The smooth operation of the mixing tube, liner, leaves, no loosening, replacement if damaged timely; liner, blades, scraper, mixing arm wear to a certain extent, or can not be adjusted, must be promptly replaced.

To timely sticky stains on the concrete mixers or cleaned regularly, when the concrete mixer on the inner wall of the more sticky thicker, not only the mixer volume to reduce the speed will be accelerated sticky stay Concrete; gravel under the spout because materials bonding so that the feed opening document switch obstacles. The cement feed opening is getting smaller and smaller because the bonding of the water vapor,resulting in feeding difficulties,and therefore should be cleaned on a regular basis. Admixtures feeding pipeline may have to be cleaned regularly because precipitation and solidification feeding slowed or causing blockage.

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