Maintenance Introduction about Control System in Concrete Mixing Plant

In general, the structure of small concrete mixing plant is relatively simple and its control system is not complicated. Therefore, the requirements for maintenance personnel are not strict. However, the bigger concrete mixing plant has complicated structure and higher degree of automation, so the requirements for operators are higher, too. As a result, besides the factors that you should take into consideration when you decide to buy a concrete mixing plant, you should also consider this factor.

1. The operators should daily check shaft end seal cavity, import and export mouths of distributor to make sure whether they are smooth or not. They should also check whether they are filled with grease. Besides, all kinds of lubricating points and deceleration boxes should be ensured to have enough lubricating oil.

2. In every shift, the operators should check that whether the grease in oil storage barrel of electric lubrication pump is used up or not. If the grease is near to be used up, the operators should timely fill oil up. The circumstance of no oil operation is not allowed.

3. The wasted materials inside and outside of mixing drum and discharging door should be completely cleared off. Then the operators use water to wash them. If the attached materials can not be washed off, they should be cut off regularly.

4. The mixing blades of concrete mixing plant should be adjusted and tightened once a week in order to avoid accidents caused by disordered mixing bladed.

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